The Functions of the Gall Bladder includes producing bile and gathering courage to take decisions. Unlike most organs, the Gall Bladder does not communicate with the exterior through other organs. The Gallbladder contains the Gathering point of the sinews since it gives the Sinews Qi and agility.

Storing and Excreting Bile

The Liver produces and sends Bile to the Gallbladder. Then the Gall Bladder stores and releases Bile during digestion; it’s the only Yang organ that stores clean and refined fluids.

Bile is nicknamed the ‘Gall Bladder-Fire’. ‘Fire’ is not used in terms of Pathology or heat rather as the Minister Fire rising between the Kidneys. The Gall Bladder warms the Spleen and Intestines to aid digestion.

The Gallbladder in the Five Element Theory relates to the Wood Element alongside the Liver; They have an interdependent relationship. The Liver-Qi aids the Gall Bladder by pushing bile into the Gall bladder and helps its path into the Intestines. The Gall Bladder-Qi pushes the Liver- Qi upwards. The Liver-Qi is  essential for the Stomach-Qi to move downwards and Spleen-Qi to move upwards. Pathology in the Liver-Qi primarily causes an impairment in the Stomach-Qi and leads to nausea.

The Liver and the Gall Bladder

The Liver-Qi must flow adequately in order for the Gall Bladder to store and discharge bile. The Gall Bladder-Qi influences the flow of the Liver-Qi. The connection between the the Liver and the Gall Bladder is physical and mental.

Decisiveness of the Gall Bladder in Decision Making

  • The Heart provides clarity
  • The Small Intestine provides critical thinking 
  • The Gall Bladder provides decisiveness
  • The Kidneys provides drive
  • The Liver provides the Planning

Decisiveness means courage and making changes, thus someone who has a “Big Gall Bladder” relates to someone who has great courage. The eleven organs depend on the decisions of the Gall Bladder as well. 

The Gall Bladder controls the drive of the Kidney in order to make a decision positive. In Deficiency, the Gall Bladder will cause discouragement from any issue at hand. The Mother Child relationship states that the Gall Bladder must be tonified when the Mind is weak. The Mind limits recklessness, which provides the clarity that controls the decisiveness. 

The Liver and the Gall bladder work together to maintain mental stability. The Gall Bladder pushes the flow of the Liver-Qi and the Liver-Qi pushes the planning of the Ethereal Soul to the Mind. In Gall Bladder- Qi weakness, the Liver-Qi will be limited and may cause depression. However, when the Liver-Qi is in excess, the person will experience manic characteristics.

The Gall Bladder contributes to the quantity of sleep one gets. In deficiency, one will wake up in the middle of the night whilst dreaming of suicide or fights.