Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS, is a disease where the immune system eats the protective covering of the nerves called myelin sheath. The lack of protection creates a disruption in communication between the brain and the body. The disturbance of 3 yin– organs are considered by an acupuncturist in signs of MS which includes the Spleen, the Liver, and the Kidneys.

The Spleen and MS

The Spleen as a Yin organ governs the muscles. One of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis is muscle weakness. Individuals start to feel strain performing actions once deemed easy, such as carrying or picking up items. This is a sign of Spleen and Stomach qi deficiency, where these organs fail to generate qi and blood that represent a critical phase of exhaustion of essence and depletion of blood.

The Liver in Multiple Sclerosis

The Liver as a Yin organ governs the sinews. Another symptom of Multiple Sclerosis is visual disturbances. Individuals begin to experience double-vision or notice that their vision becomes increasingly blurred. In acupuncture, there is a strong relationship between the eyes and liver blood. Liver blood nourishes the eyes, whereas blurred or double vision indicates to an acupuncturist that there’s a high likelihood of Liver yin and blood deficiency.

The Kidneys

The Kidney as a Yin organ governs the bones and generates marrow. Multiple Sclerosis could also present as trouble with coordination and balance. To an acupuncturist, this could be a sign of Yin deficiency with Yang rising. In such a case, an acupuncturist nourishes the Yin to subdue the yang. Numbness of extremities can present as a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. However, to an acupuncturist this can be a pattern of essence exhaustion and Blood deficiency.  In this case an acupuncturist will replenish essence and nourish the Blood.

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