The functions of the Small Intestine separates and transforms foods and liquids after the functions of the Stomach and the Spleen. The Heart and the Small Intestine are interdependent both pertain to the Element of Fire within the Five Element Theory.


Firstly, the Small Intestine receives consumed goods from the Stomach. Then, the refined or clean aspects are transported with the help of the Spleen to tissues around the body. The dirty parts are then sent to the Large Intestines and Bladder to be excreted.The Small Intestine is correlated to the Bladder, so the Small Intestine points are used in urinary problems. 


The dirty fluids take a different path than the dirty foods from the Stomach. These fluids are broken down even further with the functions of the Small Intestine. The dirty fluids are split into dirty and clean once more; the clean reaches the bladder to be excreted as urine and the dirty reaches the Large Intestine to be reabsorbed or excreted as feces.

The functions of the Small Intestine need the Heat and the Qi of the Kidney-Yang. Urination becomes imbalanced if the functions of Small Intestine are impaired.

The Functions of the Small Intestine

Relationship with the Heart 

The Heart is the Yin organ that is connected to the Small Intestine(the Yang Organ) within the theory of the Five Elements. Though the connection isn’t as strong as the Stomach and the Spleen, the Heart and the Small Intestine are linked psychologically.

The Mind is governed by the Heart, controlling emotions and thoughts, while the Small Intestine provides clear judgment. In pathology, Heart-Fire could affect the Small Intestine; it can cause thirst, a bitter taste, tongue ulcers and blood in urination.

Additionally, the Gallbladder gives the courage to follow through with the decisions the Small Intestine encourages. In Deficiency, the Small Intestine will impede decision making because of the lack of clarity. When the Gallbladder is deficient the decisions made will not be taken. 

If the Small Intestine is Deficient, the mind tends to dream about huge cities. Dreams of crowds are a cause of small intestinal parasites. Dreams of fights due to large parasites.