Improve Your Body’s Energy Flow with Reiki Treatment

The naturopathic Reiki treatment is an alternative therapy that’s commonly referred to as energy healing. This healing therapy is popularly utilized to holistically improve your health and wellness by raising your life force energy.

This traditional Japanese technique is commonly used to reduce stress and promote relaxation by improving the flow of energy through your body. Reiki doesn’t just target one aspect of your being; it’s an all-encompassing treatment that radiates healing energy throughout your body.

At Acupuncture Is My Life, we provide this natural, safe method of self-improvement and spiritual healing in Bellerose, NY.Through our professional Reiki treatment, promote your body’s natural self-healing properties and encourage feelings of security and peace. By targeting the energy fields around your body, the Reiki treatment relieves several chronic pains and debilitating symptoms associated with various illnesses.

What Happens In A Reiki Session?

Our complete Reiki session is held in the peaceful setting of our Bellerose, NY,wellness center. When you’re seated or lying in a comfortable position, our skilled practitioner will hover their hands over various parts of your body and attune its energy with that of the universe.

You will remain clothed during the entire session—unlike other types of hands-on therapy—and can decide whether you’re comfortable with the practitioner’s hands touching you. Depending on your preference, your Reiki treatment will either involve a gentle pressure or no actual physical touch. For us, your comfort is a priority.

This non-invasive, non-intrusive treatment involves placements on specific locations on your head, torso, or over the site of wounds and injuries.

After a regular Reiki session, you can expect to feel refreshed, relaxed, and a feeling of calmness washing over your body. Some of our clients even report feeling a relaxing sensation of subtle pulsations where the practitioner’s hands were placed. Everyone experiences Reiki differently, but most of them feel centered and have greater mental clarity.

Experience the wonderfully passive healing that comes with Reiki. This natural treatment is a great complementary addition to your health and wellness plan.

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