The Functions of the Bladder include transforming fluids, transforming Qi, storing urine and excreting urine.

The Interdependent Relationship of the Kidneys and the Bladder

The Bladder receives fluids from the Small Intestine to store and then transforms it into urine. The Kidney Yang provides the Qi, heat and energy needed to transform fluids. The Bladder is the Yang organ housing the water element alongside the Yin, the Kidney. The functions of the Bladder, therefore, derives energy from the Ming Men. Conversely, the Kidneys rely on the Bladder to remove ‘dirty’ fluids.

Removing Water Through Qi Transformation

The transformation of Qi takes place in the Lower Burner where the Small Intestines send clean fluids to the Bladder. Since the Small Intestines have a connection with the urinary system, in urinary diseases, certain points like the Qiangu S.I.-2 are used. The Lower Burner establishes free space for Water Passages.

Through channels, the Heart connects with the Bladder, so the Heart-Qi has a strong influence with the excretion of urine. The Small Intestines are also connected with the Heart, so diseases could be transmitted from the Heart to the Bladder through the Small Intestine. Heart pathology in the Bladder is shown through blood in the urine.

At the end of the urethra, the Liver-Qi makes urination smoother. The Lung-Qi reaches the Kidneys and encourages the transformation and excretion of fluids. Lungs are most likely to fail at old age. Because of the influence of the Lung-Qi, urination problems within the Bladder are also more prominent in the elderly. 

Mental Connection

Pathology in the Bladder causes negative emotions and jealousy. One tends to dream of adventures in Deficiency.