The Small Intestine sends the food and drinks it processes to the Large Intestine. The functions of the Large Intestine includes reabsorbing liquids and excreting feces. In Chinese Medicine, it’s strongly related to the Liver and the Spleen because the Spleen transports and transforms fluids. The Spleen has a stronger correlation to the disharmony in stools and diarrhea, whereas constipation and pain in the abdomen has a stronger correlation to the Liver.

Passage and Conduction

The Large Intestine is in control of conduction because it transports the stools produced from the Small Intestines down. Therefore, the Qi from the Large Intestine flows downward. Stagnation causes distention and constipation, whereas the sinking of the Spleen-Qi causes rectal prolapse and blood inside of excrement.

The Large Intestine reabsorbs the right amounts of fluids from the stools it transports. Otherwise an excess of absorption causes dry stool and loose in minimal absorption. Though it absorbs fluids, the Large Intestine is ruled by characteristics of dryness.


The Lungs and the Large Intestine are interdependent as the Metal element in the Five Element Theory

The Lung-Qi aids the Large Intestine in excreting stools, so in deficiency, the body will experience constipation.  The Elderly experience constipation at higher rates mainly due to the decreasing Lung-Qi. Conversely, if the function of the Large Intestine is impaired, the Lung-Qi cannot send Qi down causing breathlessness.

The Lungs control the skin; the skin is relative to the condition of the Large Intestine. Slippery skin relates to a straight Large Intestine and a coiled Large Intestine would be shown when the skin and flesh are heavily attached. The thickness and thinness of the skin parallels that of the diameter of the intestine. A tight skin proves the Large intestine is short and tight compared to loose skin, where it becomes big and long. 

Mental Connection

The Large Intestine points allow the mind to let go of the past and maintain peace. In deficiency, the mind dreams of open fields.