Stretching Exercise Videos and the Combination of Acupuncture and Stretching

 Girl Stretching Videos

​Stretching is a series of motions in which muscles and joints lengthen or elongate in order to improve or maintain the muscle’s elasticity and your flexibility. It implies the movements of joints through their full range of motion and holding that stretch position for a certain amount of time. Known as a way for Romans soldiers to stay in tip-top shape for battle, it is an instinctive action that we do everyday, whether we’re doing yoga, prepping for a big race, or just yawning after waking up from bed. Though it dates back to the Roman era, it was not officially documented until the 18th century. Many often mix up the term “stretching” with the term “warm-up”. Warming up is the preparation of physical exertion by gently exercising (i.e. walking, cycling, or slow jogging) followed by light stretching (not an entire range of motion as that may lead to injury). In general, it is best to after aerobic or strength-training exercise in order to prevent stiffness, soreness, and/or injury.

Stretching has a wide variety of benefits, including improved sports performance and better range of motion. Performing stretching exercises following a workout helps your fatigued muscles re-establish their normal length during rest. It can also prevent pain and soreness. Regular stretching (minimum of 2-3 days a week, but preferably 5-7 days a week) also prevents muscles from becoming tight. Stretching keeps them strong, flexible, and healthy as well as enhances your stretch-level tolerance. Acupuncture, with the help of stretching, improves blood flow. Acupuncture helps with stretching, in that, it helps reduce trigger point pain, such as neck pain, and improves range of motion. Here are a few stretching exercise videos that will help reduce your pain and strengthen your muscles!

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Back Pain and Sciatica

Hip Pain

Leg Pain

Knee Pain

Self-Adjust Your Hips

Plantar Fascilitis

Pinched Nerve Relief

Fix Sciatica

Patellar Tendonitis