Enjoy The Healing Benefits Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Moxibustion is an alternative therapy that can relieve the symptoms of a host of ailments. The technique has been derived from traditional Chinese medicine, employing them to promote your body’s innate healing tendencies. Moxibustion therapy

Used in conjunction with acupuncture, our alternative medicine practitioners improve the balance of vital energy in your body. It is believed in Chinese medicine that this energy—qi—passes through various meridians in your body. Our Moxibustion therapy is geared toward stimulating the flow of qi through your body, ensuring you achieve your health and wellness goals effectively.

To prevent the blockage of the flow of qi, Moxibustion therapy involves burning the dried Mugwort plant and placing the emanating heat to particular parts of your body. Our Moxibustion experts in Bellerose, NY, burn the moxa sticks near your acupuncture points to you can benefit from its healing properties.

Treat A Host Of Ailments With Moxibustion Therapy

The purpose of this ancient healing technique is to strengthen and improve the flow of blood and qi within your body. We use Moxibustion therapy to help you with a variety of health conditions. You can treat chronic pains—such as low back pain, stomach pain, digestive disorders, fatigue, and ulcers—as well as aide pain management for arthritis and cancer.

A smooth flow of qi will also dispel any forthcoming cold and flu strains, protecting you against any stagnant condition you might be in. Strengthen your immune system and boost your body’s natural healing with us.

The practitioners at Acupuncture Is My Life are trained in the most effective means to help you attain the greatest benefits. We offer two of the most popular ways of administering Moxibustion.

If you opt for the non-invasive administration, our practitioner will light up the moxa stick and go over the specific points of your body to promote healing.

When you choose to get acupuncture to complement the effects of Moxibustion, we burn the moxa plant at the end of the acupuncture needle and allow the therapeutic warmth to heal you.

Promote your body’s natural healing and prevent illnesses with Moxibustion therapy.

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