Use This Ancient Alternative Therapy For Various Ailments

Derived from Chinese and Middle Eastern traditional medicine, we bring you cupping therapy’s holistic healing powers. Used as a leading treatment for a number of common disorders, cupping has been known to rejuvenate and jump start your body’s natural healing.

This treatment involves placing cups at certain points of the person’s body, creating a state of hemostasis on the skin. This treatment boosts your health by encouraging a better flow of blood, helping with respiratory and digestive problems, and building immunity. It’s also believed to re-center your body’s energy flows—qi—and improve balance.

Cupping therapy is an almost painless treatment, used in conjunction with other treatments. Being non-invasive and causing minimal discomfort, it’s become a popular treatment among athletes in recent years.

At our Bellerose, NY, wellness and treatment center, we use complementary healing techniques to give you the best results. Our clients often report optimal results when they get cupping therapy along with acupuncture and other healing treatments.

This natural treatment, conducted by our trained specialists, works to ease pain in sore muscles in the back, feet, shoulders, and neck. We aim at encouraging your body’s innate healing capabilities by releasing pain-killing chemicals. These work to improve your balance, encourage mental wellness, and healthy blood flow.

Use The Different Types Of Cupping To Improve The Flow Of Qi

Offering one of the best cupping therapy services in Bellerose, NY, our highly skilled practitioners perform the two most common types. Our dry cupping therapy involves a suction-only method to create a suctioning effect on certain acupuncture points. Conversely, our wet cupping therapy is aimed at drawing “bad blood” from specific joints.

No matter the type of cupping therapy you opt for, our experienced practitioners ensure your specific health concerns are addressed. We’re determined to provide a safe, healthy pain-relieving treatment to you.

This therapy can aid with the management of:

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