Over the past year many individuals globally have put on a few extra unwanted pounds and have tried many different things to shed them. Many are beginning to realize, acupuncture can actually help with shedding those extra pounds and it’s all natural. You don’t have to worry about the yo-yo effect when it comes to your weight.

Stress and Weight Gain

Upwards of 42% of individuals in developed countries have put on unwanted pounds over the past 12 months. An interesting trigger for this unwanted weight gain globally is stress which can also be treated with acupuncture. Stress puts us in a fight or flight state whereby your body remains focused on keeping your brain alert. In doing so, your body naturally suppresses the production of serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. They are neurotransmitters responsible for keeping you healthy, regulating your appetite, digestion, your motivation for exercise and sleep regulation. This is why I constantly suggest you see your acupuncturist or contact acupuncture is my life with health concerns.

The Gut As a Second Brain

Your gut is your second brain. It’s connected to the brain in your head via a two-way communication pathway called your vagus nerve. So most times when things are off with the brain, the brain in your mid-level becomes affected. Digestion becomes inconsistent, searching for simple sugars in various types of unhealthy foods to remain on constant alert. The overindulgence in a greasy and sweet diet tends to injure the middle Jiao made of the spleen and stomach. It is responsible for the production of post-natal qi, interrupting the metabolism of food and fluids and leads to the production of damp-heat and phlegm. An acupuncturist would look to strengthen the spleen, harmonize the stomach and transform dampness and phlegm to unblock the bowels. 

If you are struggling to get rid of those few extra pounds, see an acupuncturist or contact acupuncture is my life. Until next time, acupuncture is my life, what’s yours?