Memory, concentration, and the ability to focus have been affected as a result of this pandemic. In acupuncture, the Spleen as a yin organ is responsible for these aspects of our psyche. This pandemic is a new experience for everyone in the present time. The level of uncertainty relative to our economic stability, our health, how our circadian rhythm has been thrown for a loop, and our diets have taken a turn for the worse. Tension and circumstances of the environment cause constraints in concentration, focus, studies or prevents the generation of new ideas.

The Spleen Houses the Intellect

Over the past 10 months I have diagnosed Spleen Qi deficiency in many of my patients and questioned the state of their memory, their ability to concentrate and focus. They in fact suffered from lack of concentration and their attention span seemed to have diminished. There were specific behaviors I noticed once they attended the Acupuncture Is My Life clinic that made me aware of these issues.  

Objective signs and symptoms identify deficient Spleen Qi. This directly affects the intellect since it resides within the Spleen. Therefore, the Spleen is responsible for the person’s mental activity including the memory; generation of ideas; as well as their ability to focus, study and concentrate. The Spleen and the Stomach produce Postnatal Qi, which governs our existence after birth, and blood. Both organs are responsible for the intellect, but it remains controlled by the Spleen in the world of acupuncture.  

The Nature of the Spleen

When the Spleen is healthy and strong, the ability to think, memorize and concentrate will be clear. In weakness, the Spleen will cause thoughts to be sluggish with poor memory, low concentration and focus. In presence of pathogenic factors, such as the current virus, the Spleen is in turn prone to be affected. Consequently, symptoms deriving from these factors include dampness and phlegm which can affect the head impeding our ability to concentrate, presenting with poor memory as well as focus. 

A weakness of the intellect which is governed by the spleen, can also be responsible for attention deficit disorder. When the Spleen is in a healthy balanced state, concentration and studies are sustained. However, when the Spleen is deficient, it becomes more difficult to concentrate and study.

The Spleen in Acupuncture

 Dealing with this pandemic has decreased the mental well-being such that acupuncturists and psychologists have an increased number of patients these days.  Pathologically how can the spleen be affected by the virus and negatively impact our intellect?  The infection of the virus usually causes an accumulation of dampness and phlegm in the head; This build-up of phlegm dampness affects the Spleen and impairs our ability to concentrate, memorize things, focus and so forth. 

 As an acupuncturist, I would focus on needling points on the Spleen Meridian, Conception Vessel as well as Stomach and Bladder Meridians. Herbal formulas that tonify the Stomach and the Spleen are necessary. Sit with an acupuncturist or contact Acupuncture is My Life if you’re experiencing symptoms such as brain fog to discuss how acupuncture can be of benefit to you.  

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