In this 19 part series, I will discuss the effects of the pandemic on the human psyche. In Chinese Medicine, the Shen, the Ethereal Soul, the Corporeal Soul, the Intellect and the Will-Power are connected and each are affected as a result of the pandemic. The psyche also affects the functionality of the internal organs and the mental-emotional problems relative to constitution.

The Pandemic

Children, college students, the elderly and healthcare professionals are highly vulnerable to the effects of this pandemic. The pandemic including the economy; our social perception; and the government has affected our human behavior and psychological outcome. With the presence of the Coronavirus, there are many fears, uncertainties and many stressors such as economic factors; domestic violence; and changes in daily habits. These stressors become the catalysts for anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorders and alcohol addictions

Groups including healthcare professionals, the elderly, children, college students, African-American and Latino communities and foreigners are at higher risks to mental health issues. Furthermore, I will discuss the unfortunate situations with economically disadvantaged individuals: prisoners, homeless individuals, psychiatric patients, hospitalized patients and much more.

Traditional Medicine

These disorders can be diagnosed and treated with traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture; I will discuss these details further in the upcoming blogs. The mental state can highly affect each of your internal organs, your qi and blood within each of your organs. Emotional stimuli that affects the mind can negatively impact your internal organs. The Mind and the body consists of the same substance known as Qi; However, the body has condensed Qi, while the mind has rarified Qi.

Acupuncture can either be an adjunctive form of care or primary form of care relative to the many disorders that have evolved from this pandemic. Stay tuned, and subscribe to the weekly blog to be notified of the next upload.