The Willpower, also known as the Zhi, involves the sense of drive, determination, enthusiasm, memory and the pursuit of goals. In recent times, the circumstances faced due to the global pandemic has affected everyone’s Willpower. The Kidney is the yin organ that is spiritually related to the Willpower and memory.


The Kidney produces a long term memory as opposed to the Spleen which stores the Intellect mainly correlated to memory observed in studying. The memory from the Kidney also derives from the Kidney Essence within the Sea of Marrow. A decline in memory especially in the elderly relates to the decline of Kidney Essence alongside the obstruction of the Governing Vessel. The Governing vessel connects the Kidneys to the brain and memory can be affected when the vessel is obstructed through Blood Stasis and Phlegm. The Heart and the Kidney communicate by transferring Essence necessary. The Kidney Essence ascends to the Heart and the Brain to create a strong memory and Mind. 


The execution of an idea involves three different areas; the Ethereal Soul or the Spleen, the Liver or the Gallbladder, and the Kidneys. The Ethereal Soul or the Spleen are the causation of the idea, they create the thought of the idea. The Liver or the Gallbladder allows the person to make a decision. Finally, the Kidneys allow the person to act on this decision. When a person’s Kidneys are strong, they have a great deal of determination, drive, motivation and enthusiasm. 

Because of recent circumstances, many have lost the willpower to excel in areas of their lives they’d once thrived in. There are many realities in life that can cause us to lose our sense of motivation, determination or our pursuit of goals. Take for instance what we’ve been faced with over the past year and the restrictions imposed upon us. It has affected the way in which we think, how our schedule for accomplishing our set objectives have been affected and the level of uncertainty. Chronic depression can be the result of the Kidneys being deficient in this manner.

Treating Willpower with Acupuncture 

It is my responsibility as an acupuncturist to nourish this aspect of the Kidneys. My favorite acupuncture points for doing so are Shenshu bladder 23 and Zhi Shi bladder 52 on the Bladder meridian near the kidney area on the back. Furthermore, the Governing vessel is needled because the kidneys exert influence on the brain through this vessel to maintain Willpower. The points to clear the Governing Vessel includes S.I.-3 Houxi and BL-62 Shenmai conjointly with Du-16 Fengfu, Du-20 Baihui and BL-23 Shenshu.

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