Grief during the pandemic can negatively affect the state of the Lungs. In acupuncture, the grief is an emotion that affects the Lungs spiritually through the corporeal soul. Our internal organs contain a spiritual aspect which controls the emotions and character. To fix an emotional imbalance, as an acupuncturist, my job is to determine which organ’s spiritual side is out of balance and needs tonifying or sedating. 

Grief in the Pandemic

In this pandemic, a main concern would include the state of my patient’s Lungs, spiritually and psychologically. Most of us are unaware of the various types of grief we’ve experienced during this pandemic. For instance, feeling as if the world in which we live has changed; dealing with high levels of uncertainty because of the loss of normalcy; the loss of our connection with life; as well as economics. The main form of grief experienced during this pandemic includes anticipatory grief. 

Symptoms of grief

Anticipatory grief is due to the uncertainty of when or how this issue will resolve itself. These concerns cause us to grieve in a way in which we’re not used to; it plays a part in us becoming more prone to respiratory pathogens. The lungs in acupuncture help regulate all physiological activities in every organ and every aspect of the body because of its capacity of governing qi and controlling breathing. The spiritual aspect of the lungs is responsible for modulating our feelings relative to our emotional life. Unresolved grief constricts the spiritual functions of the lungs. Therefore, it leads to the rise in accumulation of qi causing lung qi to stagnate in the chest.  If you are experiencing some of these emotions, I strongly recommend you see an acupuncturist, along with possibly visiting a pulmonologist. 

Firstly, patients should manage their grief through the acceptance of what is happening at present; outside of acupuncture treatments, dealing with this emotion is most effective, because you tend to gain a lot of control over your situation once you’ve accepted it. Secondly, find a balance in the things in which you think of; this is where acupuncture assists. Acupuncture is all about restoring balance on different levels to allow the human organism to cope mentally, physically and spiritually.  

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