Weight loss is a big topic of discussion these days. During this past period of stringent restrictions, many individuals put on some unwanted pounds. Many have been contacting Acupuncture Is My Life to ask, how acupuncture can help someone lose weight. I respond that it’s not only acupuncture, it’s the culmination of modalities that assist with weight loss.  One of course is acupuncture, another is cupping and another is eastern nutrition coaching. Today I’m going to discuss how cupping may help with weight loss. 

Why Cupping works for Weight Loss

I know many of you guys are wondering as to how cupping can help someone lose weight.  Acupuncturists here at the clinic utilize cupping therapy in our weight loss treatment protocol. It activates a venous microcirculation along with lymphatic drainage. Increasing metabolic activity, helps break down fat tissue in order to eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body. Cupping helps the elasticity of the skin by increasing microcirculation to support the more desirable outcome. Cupping therapies enhance metabolic rate from the heat that results from the cups actually being applied to the skin. 

Understanding Cupping

Follow along with the YouTube video and let’s take a look at cupping as applied to the abdominal region of the body.

I focus on the Conception Vessel because the abdominal region is the area of focus for weight loss. Areas below the umbilicus are responsible for stagnation relative to elimination. An example of that being constipation. The area above the umbilicus focuses on disorders of the intestines and abdomen as well as invigorating the stomach qi.

Cupping the spleen channel along with the Conception vessel works as a pair in controlling the transformation & transportation of foods and liquids in the digestion process. Often foods have been rotted and ripened by the stomach. Therefore, the spleen and stomach channels are responsible for the production of Qi & blood. The function of the intestines and the proper discharge of fluids. The spleen intersects the conception vessel at CV-3 Zhong Ji, disperses, and connects with the ST at Xia Wan CV-10.

So now you see, here at acupuncture is my life, we not only focus on acupuncture, we also utilize cupping therapy, moxibustion therapy, gua sha, eastern nutrition and much more. Until next time…acupuncture is my life, what’s yours?