Some women tend to go through high’s and low’s periodically when it comes to sex drive. Desire for sex is based on a many things ranging from both physical and emotional well-being, current relationships, lifestyle and more. Causes include relationship break-up, illness, pregnancy, medications, menopause, lack of sleep, and increased levels of uncertainty as a result of the recent restrictions over the past 12 plus months. Ladies, if you’re experiencing low sex drive these days, see your local acupuncturist or contact Acupuncture is My Life. Symptoms of low sex drive in women are: a loss of interest for having sex/masturbation, loss of sexual thoughts, and lack of sexual activity.

External Causes of Loss of Sex Drive

 Alcohol can be a culprit for low sex drive. An over consumption of alcohol, drinking a bottle of wine every night, from an acupuncture standpoint, can lead to dampness in the lower Jiao that can suppress your desire for sex. Smoking or engaging in recreational drugs is another cause to the lower sex drive. Medications, or prescribed drugs, can be an alternative cause this loss of sex drive. Some individuals are unaware that the side-effects of some medications can be low sex drive. I advise that you research the side-effects of your prescription drugs if you are on any.

Internal Causes

The symptoms mentioned prior can be indicator of diabetes or high blood pressure: they are major concerns to rule out. In order to distinguish the cause of these symptoms, see your doctor, an acupuncturist, or acupuncture is my life. Some physical attributes of low sex drive are fatigue, and deficiency of qi. They can contribute to your lack of sex drive in women. Hormone changes can play a part which includes menopause. In menopause, a women’s estrogen levels drop, so the desire for sex is much less than normal. Pregnancy as well as breast-feeding have also been known to play a part in suppressing sex drive. 


Now in taking a look at this issue from a psychological perspective, depression, anxiety, and stress, whether it’s work related stress or stress due to economics, they play a part in suppressing the sex drive. Low self-esteem and experiences with sexual abuse are huge factors. Being involved in a relationship can contribute as well. There are those that wonder why would someone who’s involved in a relationship be experiencing a low sex drive? There can be a poor connection between the two partners, lack of trust, constant disagreements, differences in sexual needs and more.  

If you’re a woman experiencing low sex drive, see your acupuncturist or contact acupuncture is my life to discuss how this matter may be addressed from an acupuncturists perspective.  Until next time, acupuncture is my life, what’s yours?