Scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists and acupuncturists have noted an increase in the cases of depression due to the pandemic. Depression is mainly known as a mood disorder with a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in the lifestyle accustomed to. Additionally, depression affects your emotions and actions in a negative way, leading to emotional and physical problems. Ultimately, the Liver is the possible cause of depression. The mental and spiritual aspect associated with the Liver, relates to intuition, inspiration, artistic inspiration, and ideas.

The Pandemic

Acupuncturists gauge these aspects of an individual to diagnose patients. Imagine how you would feel if you were suddenly lacking inspiration, avoiding human interaction, no longer inspired from an artistic perspective. Depression is now more prevalent due to new stressors from the pandemic such as the discovery of new variants; vaccine shortages; restrictions and lockdowns. Over 38% of individuals surveyed in developed countries globally, present signs of depression. Furthermore, many fear that the negative effects of the pandemic will remain even after the pandemic of long gone. Recent surveys have concluded that the younger population- with an emphasis on young women- as well as people with young children, are more adversely affected mentally by this pandemic than the older population.

Acupuncture and Depression

A major symptom of depression includes restlessness and insomnia. By using acupuncture, an acupuncturist can effectively treat mental disorders. An acupuncturist, for example, can view these symptoms as Liver-Blood and/or Liver-Yin Deficiency. The Liver channel treats depression because the Liver is an organ that harmonizes and regulates. Consequently, its spiritual aspect maintains the balance between restraint and excitation in the emotional life. It is normal to experience anger, worry, sadness or even fear, the spiritual aspect of the Liver prevents these emotions from becoming excessive because of the delicate balance between Liver-Blood and Liver- Qi. Therefore, if the Liver is not balanced, then mental health deteriorates.

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