Patients often receive cupping therapy at Acupuncture Is My Life. There are many benefits, the thought that this treatment only treats pain is a myth. While cupping does in fact treat pain, it also improves metabolism, blood microcirculation, it activates the lymphatic system that triggers the toxin elimination process, and removes pathogenic factors from the body all at once.

Skin and therapy

Cupping regulates Qi and Blood flow by facilitating their movement within the body. It opens up the pores of the skin to remove external pathogens from the deeper layers of the body. When external pathogens are released, the circulation of Qi, Blood, and body fluids is improved. Therapy removes old stagnant blood within the skin, and removes poisonous substances from the surface of the skin. It also enhances the secretion of salts and oily or waxy material from the skin, including sweat. Cupping strengthens the renewing power of the skin and its resistance to a wide variation of harmful conditions.  

Muscles and therapy

Low pressure from cupping causes the blood vessels to expand, which allows blood to flow smoothly in the muscles. It can benefit athletes with high intensity training and individuals who have sustained an injury.  Chronic joint pain is also a problem cupping targets. Therapy enhances the Blood flow around the joints and causes the synovial fluids to secrete. Therefore, it reduces muscle spasms around that particular joint.

Natural healing comes from the gut because the body derives energy from the digestive organs. Cupping therapy in the midsection- by the abdomen– enhances digestion and excretion by promoting peristaltic movement and secretion of digestive fluids. 

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