Over the past four years, cupping has become a worldwide phenomenon. The ancient therapy came into mainstream during the 2016 Olympics and has since been talked a lot about. Although most popular in the athletic and sports community, many celebrities have also taken on the trend.

With more knowledge and information available, people all over the world are adopting the technique for better healing and faster recovery from health problems that stem from blood circulation.

How Does it Work?

This therapy involves small cups strategically placed on the body. The cups aren’t specialized and filled with air or heat (based on the desired goal) to create a suction. This creates a vacuum inside the cup, to restore blood flow, loosen up joints and muscles and improve overall circulation in the area.

There are three different methods in cupping therapy. The suction of each method provide distinct marks on the skin.

Wet Cupping: The process starts with punctures on the skin. This allows the vacuum in the cup to suck up blood and cause the vessels to burst. The process requires proper training and can only be applied by an expert. Incorrect application can lead to bruising, inflammation, pain and skin infection.

Dry Cupping: While wet cupping suctions blood, dry cupping moves the skin and treats musculoskeletal pain through the manipulation of trigger points. The process lasts for 5–10 minutes with low-risk compared to wet-cupping due to its non-invasive nature.

Cupping with Fire: The process involves the use of a flammable substance inside the glass jar on which the fire’s lit. Once the fire creates a vacuum, the flammable cotton ball is removed and quickly placed on the body to create a vacuum seal. The sensation is completely different from previous methods mentioned and works with a more holistic approach.

What is Cupping Used For?

cupping therapy

From migraines to sore muscles, backaches and knee pain, cupping has several scientifically proven applications. Here are the most common ones:

  • Multiple studies conducted on this therapy prove one thing: the treatment works best when used as one aspect of a more comprehensive holistic treatment plan. This includes Reiki treatment, massage therapy and acupuncture therapy.
  • Research proves that cupping also has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore an effective treatment option for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • Studies indicate that it has a therapeutic effect on individuals suffering from facial paralysis.

The treatment also commonly treats varicose veins, fibromyalgia, hemophilia, anxiety, depression, allergies and asthma. If you’re based in New York and want to pursue cupping therapy in Bellerose NY, talk to our expert practitioners.

Based on your condition and current treatment plan, we offer personalized holistic healing methods to ease your pain. We also offer acupuncture for anxiety Bellerose NY, physical therapy, Reiki treatment and holistic lifestyle coaching!

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