Vegetables that are perfect for Eastern Nutrition Recipes

Eastern nutrition is a holistic nutrition system that is based on the principles of Chinese medicine. It has a lot to do with eating with the seasons, or eating in accordance with the energies that are emitted by each season. Nature has designed certain foods to grow at certain times of the year to bring balance within the human organism in agreement with the theory of yin and yang. Eastern nutrition recipes align the individual with proper nutrition relative to the seasons to avoid potential deficiencies or excesses that can contribute to certain ailments. 

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Yin Deficiency Recipe

Yin Deficiency generally involves the excessive consumption of body fluids, the yin substance of every organ within the body, as well as essence and blood. The main cause of yin deficiency is usually due to overwork of the body and poor diet. Another cause can be if the individual acquires some form of febrile disease where pathological heat consumes body fluids as well as yin. 

Some foods that are great for tonifying yin are apples, avocado, banana, duck, egg, honey, lemon, mango, pears, pineapple, pork, seaweed, spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, watermelon, and yam. 

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Yin Deficiency Recipe

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